Filter design of composite trade-off filter with support regions to obtain invariant pattern recognition with defocused images

A. Vargas, C. San Martin, J. Campos and N. Vera


The discrimination capacity (DC) measures the ability of the filter in a pattern recognition problem to discriminate the target against other objects in the input scene. If the input scene is degraded by a defect of focus, then the DC is degraded and the pattern recognition process is worse. In this paper, we present a methodology based in the selection of ring frequency bands and in the design of the trade-off filters taking into account these frequencies to obtain several information channels. The information of all the channels is fused by means of the addition of all the channels and the geometric mean of them. Also individual channel analysis is shown. The influence on the DC and SNR of the added white noise in the input image is presented. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.


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