Photoacoustic study of the effect of Mn ion concentration on the thermal diffusivity of Zn1-xMnxIn2Se4 mono-crystals

R. Saavedra, A. Cruz-Orea , J.E. Morales and V. Sagredo
JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE IV 125, 125 (2004)


Thermal diffusivities of Zn1-xMnxIn2Se4 series are reported in this article. Manganese nominal concentration ranging from x = 0.05 to x = 1. Measurements were performed at room temperature by using the open photoacoustic cell technique. Thermal diffusivity varies from 1.2 . 10-2cm(2)/s (x = 0.05) to 0.30 (.) 10(-2) cm(2)/s (x = 1), follows a close pattern to the crystal parameter variations.


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