First week of the II Summer School on Optics and Photonics

From 10th to 14th of January, nearly 70 participants, teachers and students from different Latin American, met in the second version of the Summer School organized by the Center for Optics and Photonics, which will run until next Friday 21th and this year has as central theme the theoretical and experimental advances in quantum optics.

During the opening, on Monday 10th, CEFOP Scientific Director, Dr. Carlos Saavedra spoke about  the objectives of the school: “This is an instance of training and bonding, that enables students to broaden their vision and also encourages interaction between teachers and students, relationships that could eventually  transformed into of national and international collaboration networks”.

After the welcome by Dr. Saavedra, the school activities were developed according to schedule, which this week included the courses of Marcelo Martinelli, of the Universidad de  São Paulo on “Multiparty entanglement and sudden death in Quantum Optics: continuous variables domain “, Luis Orozco, Director of Join Quantom Institute of the University of Maryland with” Introduction to Quantum Optics for Cavity QED “and Sebastião de Padua of the Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais with” Spatial correlations in parametric down-conversion”, as well as the series of lectures, seminars, visits to laboratories and extra-curricular activities.

For next week, the school will have as expositors to Paolo Mataloni of the Universidad di Roma and Aephrain Steinberg of the University of Toronto, and also will continue the seminars and talks, adding a poster session on Monday 17th from 11.30 am, where students will show the progress in their respective investigations.

Given the continuity that CEFOP wants to give to the school, its organizing committee already scheduled the third and fourth version for October 2011 and January 2012, which will focus on optical instrumentation applied to biological systems with emphasis on microscopy, and remote sensing and its applications to the study of environmental problems, respectively.

To know more about the Summer School listen to Dr. Aldo Delgado’s interview for “Voices of science”  at Radio Universidad de Concepción.

Dr. Aldo Delgado’s interview.

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