Dr. Rolando Hernández on CNN Chile

CEFOP’s Technology Development Director, Dr. Rolando Hernández, was interviewed on CNN Chile about the Chilean satellite that should be in orbit later this year.

“The satellite has applications in forestry, precision agriculture, land management, disaster and civil works monitoring, mining sites monitoring, among others”, he said on the interview. Dr. Hernández also explained that “the system was designed to make our country more competitive”.

Dr. Hernandez was in charge of the scientific-technical conceptualization of the Earth Observation Satellite System while he was scientific adviser to the Chilean Ministry of Defence.

Watch the full interview here: http://www.cnnchile.com/ciencia-tecnologia/2011/01/23/el-sistema-esta-pensado-para-que-podamos-hacer-mas-competitivo-a-nuestro-pais/

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