CEFOP’s directors met members of the Chilean Air Force to plan 2011 projects

This meeting was the start of the process that will give way to several projects, resulting of the agreement signed by the Center with the Chilean Air Force (FACh) last December.

On Friday March 4th was held the first planning meeting between members of the Air Force of Chile and the authorities of different centers and faculties of the Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), including CEFOP, EULA and the Department of Electrical Engineering. There were also representatives from the Universidad Santa María.

The purpose of this activity was to discuss and define the guidelines of the projects to be addressed in the areas of innovation and research on issues such as energy, telecommunications, and creating a program specifically for the Antarctic Chilean territory.

After the meeting, the Director of Technological Development of CEFOP, Dr. Rolando Hernández, spoke about the results of the meeting. “We are on the verge of signing a specific agreement with the Aerial Photogrammetric Service (SAF), in which we agreed the work in three specific areas: Airborne LIDAR, remote sensing and development of infrared sensors.”

As part of this activity, CEFOP´s directors invited to General Luis Ili, Coronel Francisco Torres and Coronel Cristian Puebla, to the Geodetic Observatory TIGO in order to deepen in the planning of the projects that will addressed together.

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