Building of a nonlinear optics laboratory started at Universidad de Chile

Currently, in the Nonlinear Optics Division of CEFOP at Universidad de Chile, we are building up a completely new optical laboratory supported from CEFOP (Center for Optics and Photonics) and AON (Advanced Optics Nucleus), the first nonlinear optics laboratory in Chile. This project will open new avenues for our research allowing us to make a better science, more connected with real physics. We are certainly in an inflection point in the history of our group. We believe that these new facilities will enormously contribute to the formation of new chilean scientists, with a strong theoretical, numerical and experimental training. If you feel attracted on this very ambitious goal, please just contact us.

Rodrigo Vicencio,
Ph. D. Physics, Universidad de Chile
CEFOP´s associated researcher
Nonlinear Optics Division
phone: 56-2-9787446

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