Series of talks will demonstrate techniques utilized in the Applied Optics laboratory

This Friday a series of three talks will be held in the Daniel Belmar room, located on the second floor of the Pharmacy faculty, with the aim of presenting  microscopy, trapping and characterization techniques that are carried out in the Applied Optics laboratory.

The activity, organized by the Scientific Director of our Center, Dr. Carlos Saavedra Rubilar, and Dr. Carlos Von Plessing Rossel, professor of the Pharmacy Faculty, will be held at 3 in the afternoon and will include presentations by three members of the Optics Instrumentation and Teledetection Technologies division.

The first of these talks, “Defocusing Microscopy, applications in Biology”, will be presented by Sebastáin Echeverry Cabrera, Masters in Physical Sciences.

Later, Dr. Juan Pablo Staforelli Vivanco will make a presentation on “Optical Trapping of microscopic systems”, and Dra. María José Gallardo Nelson will present a talk on “Visualization and manipulation of individual molecules”.

The series of talks is intended for students of Biochemistry, Master’s level students in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PhDs in Technology and Analytical Sciences.  Students will have five minutes for a round of questions at the end of each presentation. In addition, faculty members of departments previously mentioned are also invited to attend.

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