“The Universe of Light” arrives at Easter Island

After its successful tour of continental Chile, the exhibition “The Universe of Light” will be inaugurated today on Easter Island, making this its 28th showing, with now more than 150,000 visitors so far.

Even though with this phase the travelling exhibition tour is drawing to a close, a new door is opening to the world, a challenge that has already been considered and that is expected to be carried out soon.

In this respect, Dr. Carlos Saavedra noted, “One of the exhibit goals for the near future is to be able to present it in other countries, and for that we have made contacts with the Optics Society of America (OSA) and the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), with whom we hope to establish specific agreements to internationalize the exhibition. It would be very rewarding for all involved with the exhibit that was conceived in its original version to tour the most isolated rural zones of the Bio-Bio Region, with Professor Luis Braga, to now have the opportunity to present the exhibition in various countries, transforming it into an example of scientific outreach”.

From October 15 to November 6, the islanders will be able to en joy this “luminous” exhibition, that hopes to delight the Rapa nui community.

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