Just a few days till the Annual Meeting of CEFOP

Next Monday and Tuesday, the 2nd and 3rd of April, the Annual Meeting of CEFOP will take place.  It will be two days in which the annual planning of our Center will be shown to all members of CEFOP.

The meeting objectives include the introduction of new researchers and students, sharing information on advances and results in different Divisions, getting to know associative activities and national and international collaborative networks, and in this manner function as an integrative space for the different research lines and work groups.

This year the encounter will take place in the Lautaro hall of the Araucano Hotel, beginning at 9:00 a.m. with all the members of CEFOP, that is to say, researchers, engineers, undergraduate and graduate students, and office staff in attendance.

In addition, a researcher or a student from each Division will present a talk on a scientific research activity or technological development that was carried out, essentially those that propose collaboration between Divisions and the promotion of young researchers.

Finally, as a highlight, four members will receive the following recognitions: “Technological manager“, “Scientific productivity“, “Outstanding student in scientific research”, and “Outstanding student in technological development”.

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