Massive attendance at annual meeting of CEFOP

The second annual meeting of our Center was a complete success. For two days all CEFOP members were summoned to the hotel El Araucano, including the Divisions “Nonlinear Optics” and “Digital Image Processing” located at the University of Chile and the University de la Frontera, respectively. The objective of the encounter was to get to know the level of advances of the CEFOP Divisions, and to listen to the scientific research and technological development activities that each wanted to emphasize, in order to give the researchers, students, and office staff an integral vision of what our Center is doing, and what it plans to do in the future.  Dr. Rolando Hernandez, Director of Technological Development at CEFOP, pointed out that it “was a good meeting, one that fulfilled the primary objectives that were to reunite all of us, to know what each was working on, and that the responsible researchers for each Division could demonstrate which thematic areas they were developing.” In addition, he mentioned that during the meeting, the fact was emphasized that in the final analysis, CEFOP is a Center at the service of the country and, therefore, must arrive at productive stages, as well as incorporate new human capital.

Also, Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Scientific Director of our Center, emphasized “as we are in the middle of the first five years in a preliminary evaluation, it signals the possibility of going into themes with world-wide projection, in at least three of the research areas. And, in parallel, there is a necessity to make an important presentation on aspects of technological development, not because they are not being developed today-on the contrary-but rather because we believe that there is an excellent potential in the activities that are being carried out in terms of technological development, and probably in the near future, we see initiatives which will become consolidated, from a business point of view. For example, promoting spin-off companies from CEFOP, financed preliminarily by the Center and that, in the future, can be consolidated into their respective areas.”

On the first day, the following authorities were in attendance: the Director of Conicyt’s Associate Research Program, Isabel Meneses; the Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Economy for the Bío Bío region, Ricardo Brain; the Director of Research for UdeC, José Becerra; the Vice Dean of the Physics and Mathematical Sciences Faculty, Carlos Perez; and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Joel Zambrano.

On the first day, introductory words were presented by the Director of Research at UdeC, followed by those of the Director of the Associate Research Program of Conicyt, and the presentations by the Scientific Director of CEFOP, Dr. Carlos Saavedra and the Director of Technological Development, Dr. Rolando Hernandez, who gave reports related to their respective areas.

In this opportunity there was an awards section where four members were given special recognition: the “Technological Management” award went to Mauricio Arenas, MSc of the Optical Instrumentation and Technologies of Remote Sensing Division; the “Scientific Productivity” award went to Dr. Gustavo Lima, of the Optical and Quantum Information Division. Mauricio emphasized that “this award represents the work that the team has been carrying out for two years, and I find the relevance of technological transfer at CEFOP is increasing more and more.” Also, postgraduate students Uta Naether and Pablo Coelho received the “Outstanding Student in Scientific Research” award and the “Outstanding Student in Technological Development,” award, respectively. Like Mauricio Arenas, Pablo Coelho emphasized the importance of the teamwork that was behind this recognition. “It was really a surprise for me. I think I was helped by the fact I am familiar with both–the physics and the technological areas, but you must understand that technological development is teamwork, made up of, for example, of those who design the machine or those who develop the patent request. When specific technology is produced, our work is in line with the objectives of CEFOP.”

During the rest of the day, and the following day, the responsible researchers presented the main advances of their Divisions, and some researchers presented specific projects in which they were working on. Among them, one stands out-the company led by designer Fabiola Padilla, “SCI-Design” that was born under the umbrella of our Center and that is dedicated to the development of design and exhibition initiatives.

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