A CEFOP member receives Doctorate degree with an outstanding grade

Carlos Paiva Sanchez, a postgraduate student in the Optics and Quantum Information Division of CEFOP, appeared very confident today during his thesis defense for the degree of Doctor in Physical Sciences.

After a presentation of 45 minutes, the now PhD in Physics received the decision of the evaluating commission, composed of Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Dr. Aldo Delgado and Dr. Gustavo Lima, which assigned him a grade of 90.

The thesis, titled “New tomography scheme for state and quantum processes”, was guided by Dr. Aldo Delgado, and according to Carlos Paiva, “the objective was to look for new strategies for things that already existed, or in other words, to improve quantum protocols in the scope of the state tomography and processes, and to look for a much more viable solution in the sense of the associated inversions, to make a better reconstruction.” He adds that, “It is a mathematical solution of the problem, and I believe that the objectives were obtained. We carry out a good tomography of equidistant processes and we reach a complete tomography of processes via POVM, where we were able to generate a wide family of solutions.”

In regards to future plans, Carlos indicates that he wishes to continue with the research independently, in a calmer way, but still working hard. For that he already has some work proposals within the Faculty, and hopes to continue to stay for a long time in our Center.

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