Dr. Aldo Delgado, one of the youngest Full Professors at UdeC

At the University of Concepción, there are different academic hierarchies among professors, and they are directly related to the work carried out and proven merits. The three highest levels are assistant professor, associate professor and full professor, which is the highest rank of all. It is indeed this highest rank which Dr. Aldo Delgado, a researcher from the “Optics and Quantum Information” Division of our Center, obtained after being evaluated by the promotions commission of UdeC that considered Dr. Delgado’s research and quality of teaching, in addition to his productivity in project awards.

This commission is presided over by the Vice-Rector of the University, and is composed of academics from different Faculties – all full professors – who analyzed the antecedents of the researcher to verify that he fulfills the profile that UdeC has established.

“My teaching has always been well evaluated. I believe that students feel free to come to talk with me, and I have managed to establish a very good relationship with them. Also, I have been making an effort to enlarge our group (“Optics and Quantum Information”). For this, it is necessary to have a good publications track record, and it is also necessary to secure financing, which is obtained through project awards. It is important to demonstrate that one is doing things well, that projects are executed well, and in this way we can apply to projects again, and I believe we have been demonstrating this for some time,” explained the researcher.

He adds that as “Optics and Quantum Information” is growing, “Today we have challenges that seven years ago we could not have imagined; they were dreams, but today they are taking shape. I believe that all these types of activities I have participated in helped me to obtain the Full Professorship.”

It is worth noting that with this appointment he becomes one of the youngest full professors without having worked ten years in the university. “On one hand, it is a sign that I am doing things well, and on the other, that I cannot stop being a full professor; therefore I must continue making an effort to maintain this category,” the researcher noted.

In less than 10 years, Dr. Aldo Delgado has carried out various activities inside UdeC and our Center. When he arrived in 2003, he was an Assistant Professor. Two years later, he advanced to the category of Associate Professor, which he held for more than five years. Lately, he has been developing the courses “Quantum mechanics” (undergraduate), and “Quantum mechanics” (postgraduate), among other elective courses. In CEFOP, he has participated from the beginning. In addition, he has participated in two Millenium projects for two periods: first as an Associate Researcher, and second, as Alternate Researcher. Currently, he is the Director of a Millenium project that was awarded during 2011.

In addition, the title of Full Professor that was recently awarded to him, authorizes him to participate in certain committees of resolution at UdeC, those that according to the researcher “serve to go beyond the reality of the Faculty, and continue on to the global university atmosphere, because you are aware of problems or situations that we have as a University. One can serve in other instances where people are needed who are better qualified; therefore, the university can ask me to participate in certain commissions, for example, to resolve certain matters inside the university, in which associate professors could not participate.”

These same rights are also transformed into responsibilities, the researcher emphasized, where “one ascends to Full Professor from academic quality, of research and teaching, and that is something that must be demonstrated permanently. One cannot apply for full professor and later not be up to the challenges of maintaining the same work rhythm.

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