Postgraduate student begins internship in Czech Republic

This weekend, Roberto Salazar Vargas, doctoral student of the Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Division, will begin a three month internship in the Czech Republic.  Afterwards, he will travel to Hungary, where he will carry out research related to his doctoral thesis, “Tomography of quantum states and POVM measurements”.

Why the Czech Republic and Hungary? According to Roberto, after applying for scholarships to study abroad, he evaluated different countries; however, these two countries stood out because they had very good researchers in the topic the CEFOP doctoral student is developing. “During the Optics and Photonics Conference of August 2011 in Paraty (Brazil), I made several contacts with scientists of the Czech Republic, with whom we planned some work that we could carry out together,” the student explained.

He adds that after his internship is finished, he would like to leave at least one advanced  work in the Czech Republic and another one in Hungary. “With that, I will be able to make significant advances in my thesis. It is very important to observe how the work is done and to generate a large amount of contacts, especially if I consider the possibility of a future postdoctorate,” he pointed out.

With respect to his thesis, he explains that he is working on problems associated with more intelligent ways to measure quantum states, with the objective of not losing in the measurement, what was gained in velocity if the standard procedure is used. “I already have results, and during my stay abroad, I want to see if I can continue advancing on the same path, or if there are others,” Roberto said.

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