CEFOP student is awarded internship at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany

Carlos Toro, doctoral student of the Optoelectronics Division of our Center, was awarded a grant for a doctoral internship abroad from the program Becas Chile of CONICYT, and thanks to this award, he can now visit the Fraunhofer Institute in Dresden, Germany starting next January.

During his ten-month stay in Germany, Toro will work under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Härtling, principal researcher of the Optical Nanosensorics group of the Fraunhofer IZFP-D institute, who will instruct him in the design of a system of automatic discrimination of silicon plates with defects in a fabrication line of solar panels, with NIR spectral band technology.

The student commented that he hopes to acquire a high level of technical experience in the development and management of projects related to industry, work which will be directly related to his experience at CEFOP.

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