Spring School 2013 Jüllich: Quantum Information Processing

IFF 2013 JüllichThe IFF Spring School 2013 Jüllich, in its 44th version, will provide an overview of the most important advances in quantum information processing.

Fundamentals of Quantum Information, quantum cryptography, quantum computing implementation, inter alia, are to be reviewed within 45 hours of lecture, during the days of February 25 to March 8, 2013.

Organized by the Division of Theoretical Nanoelectronics from the Peter Grünberg Institute, Germany, schools have allowed since 1970 -initially organized by the Jülich Institute of Solid State Research- that students and young scientists can obtain a condensed view of two weeks in a topical issue related to physics.

Quantum information is a very different theme, and is taken by hundreds of researchers worldwide in many different directions.

According to the organization and most notably, experimental physics has been influenced in many directions by quantum information.

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