Doctoral thesis presented by CEFOP researcher Uta Naether unanimously approved

Doctoral thesis defence of Miss Uta Naether, of our Center’s Linear Optics Division, unanimously approved.

The thesis, entitled “Spatially Localized Modes in Discrete Nonlinear Optical Systems,” was directed by Dr. Mario Molina, with the co-direction of Dr. Rodrigo Vicencio.

Uta stressed the importance of developing her research at CEFOP since it gave her, among other things, the possibility of presenting the preliminary results of her thesis at three conferences, where she was able to establish ties with other researchers.

In addition, she mentioned that her experience in the II Summer School of the Center allowed her to delve further into the field of quantum optics.

According to her work, the researcher explained that “we found Fano resonances in the context of magnetic meta-materials and guides with saturable non-linearity arrays. We also studied the effects of disorder on the propagation of a pulse initially located in a finite and periodic network, whose boundaries are disordered.”

Another topic was mobility conditions of discrete solitons in 1D and 2D for a network with saturable non-linearity and to study discrete vortices in networks with saturable non-linearity.

Regarding her plans for the future, Uta does not rule out the idea of starting a post-doctorate, where she plans to initiate research projects, and at the same time to resume research work that she left pending in order to complete her thesis.

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