The thesis work of Richard Gómez was evaluated as outstanding

The master’s thesis presented by the student from the Non-destructive Material Characterization Division was entitled “Thermal Lens Spectroscopy in the Characterization of the Metallic Compound PB -2-(Thiazolylazo)-p Cresol”.

“There was a lot of hard work, a lot of time and many nights devoted to it, which is why I am deeply moved”, said Richard Gómez, Physical Engineer and Master in Physics. After three years as a member of CEFOP and four years in the laboratory team together with his supervisor, Dr. Renato Saavedra, his thesis work was evaluated as outstanding.

Currently, Gómez is studying for a doctorate in Mining Engineering at the University of Chile. “I started a month ago, more or less, and I still have to finish some work at the center, in particular the article related to this work”, he added.

In terms of his stay at CEFOP, Richard said he greatly valued human relations at the center. “If there is any chance in the future to collaborate, I am available. There are new people entering the center, so it is necessary to share our knowledge. I think that is the idea of the center and the teachers”, said Gómez.

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