Ex-member of CEFOP gives talk on Quantum Interfaces

José Manuel Brito did part of his doctorate together with Dr. Jürgen Eschner in Germany, in order to develop the possibilities of Quantum Mechanical laws.

In the framework of CEFOP seminars and lectures, the researcher and ex-member of our center, José Manuel Brito visited the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He is currently studying to obtain his doctorate with the Theoretical Quantum Physics Group at Saarland University, Germany.

In his talk, the researcher presented a summary of his doctoral work in which he emphasized the great importance of quantum physics in the drawing up of new information protocols. “To give an idea of what nature has created, it is a fact that one DNA molecule holds one Bit of information in 32 atoms. We want to do the same thing but 32 times smaller”, said the researcher.

Brito added that quantum computers allow us to confront some problems that a basic computer cannot deal with or that are too difficult to solve, such as data factoring.

Due to the complexity of the experiment Brito is working on, he plans to spend at least three more years on his doctorate. However, he has not forgotten his work at CEFOP. “I want to keep in touch in the future and it is highly probable that I will come back again some day”, said Brito.

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