New Millennium Nucleus for Advanced Optics belonging to CEFOP is presented officially

The Optics and Quantum Information, and Non Linear Optics divisions were awarded the Millennium Nucleus for Advanced Optics. Among their future projects is the development of a travelling laboratory for schoolchildren throughout Chile.

The Ministry of the Economy and the Millennium scientific initiative presented their new beneficiaries, that is, three centers and thirteen nuclei, among which is the Millennium Nucleus for Advanced Optics.

The ceremony, which is public recognition of the work carried out by the nuclei and institutes, has a different meaning for the director of the project, Dr. Aldo Delgado: “It is our second nucleus. The previous stage allowed us to set up Optics and Quantum Information laboratories. Then we were awarded the Basal Funding Program, which allowed us to continue improving the laboratories. And finally, with this basal funding we could apply again for another Millennium Nucleus”.

One part of the funding is destined to set up laboratories in the Non Linear Optics Division. “Now these facilities can count on an important post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Julien Armijo, and the laboratories have great equipment that allows scientists to start planning experiments” said Dr. Delgado.

Optics for everybody

Recently, the Millennium Nucleus for Advanced Optics was also awarded funding for a project for a portable optical laboratory.  “We could take it directly to schools within the Biobío Region and throughout Chile and it will be sufficiently advanced to simultaneously train students in different universities in the country and also carry out experiments”, added Delgado.

“The idea is that this laboratory is first aimed at students in scientific clubs in schools. At a later stage, we can approach the community and use the laboratory to give optics classes in schools. It will also allow us to improve the curriculum of physics teachers with regard to optics contents through the use of real instruments”.

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