Researcher from our center awarded FONDECYT funding

This week the results of the FONDECYT 2013Regular Competition were published. Dr. Sergio Torres, Head Researcher in the Opto-electronics Division of CEFOP was awarded funding for a new project.

According to Dr. Torres, the project consists of the creation of an infrared microscope for the obtention of thermal processes. “This is a very challenging task”, he said, since currently very few of these devices exist around the world, due to the complexity of the infrared sensors that they contain.

The first year of this project considers the purchase of instruments, with which 2X and 4X amplification lenses will be built. It also considers the purchase of detectors and the necessary optical implements for the creation of the microscope.

During the project it is hoped that at least three postgraduate students will participate, among whom are Pablo Coelho, Francisco Pérez and qualified technical personnel. The initiative was labeled multidisciplinary, according to Sergio Torres, because it is hoped to work in research in the fields of biology, remote sensing, optical tweezers and also in other areas such as medicine and forestry. The researcher explains that the center will have a new instrumental capacity that will benefit the research area and will lead it to new horizons.

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