Researchers from CEFOP exhibit posters at the IEEE Latin-American Summer School on Computational Intelligence (EVIC)

EVIC 2012 is a summer school organized together with the IEEE-CIS Computational Intelligence Society Chile Chapter and the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Concepcion, where a series of talks related to the explanation of models and techniques of computational Intelligence were given.

CEFOP was present with the researchers Elena Restrepo and Phillippe Pinaud from the Optoelectronics Division, who participated in the poster competition at the school.

Elena Restrepo showed the results of her master’s thesis work related to the design of environmental intelligence systems, based on an integrated network of wireless sensors simulated in the “solarium system”. This poster presents a metamodel based on the development of other models, such as those of domain, context, user and adaptation. “These particular models measure physical variables in a set context and with specific users, which allows the environmental intelligence system to detect changes in the environment and adjust itself to the required needs”, explained the researcher.

Another poster presented by both researchers was entitled “Detection of Human Skin in RGB Images”, in which, using Ewan Pearson and Bayes classification processes, it is determined with certainty which pixel of an image corresponds to human skin in a free access images database. One of the future uses of this program is for parental control, added the researchers.

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