A student who did her research in the CEFOP laboratory graduates as an analytical chemist

On Monday, January 21, in the Juan Perelló Auditorium in the Chemistry Sciences Faculty, Milenka Quezada, student in the Analytical Chemistry program, was awarded 6.6 for her final examination.

Her undergraduate thesis entitled “Development of a Spectroscopy Method Using a Thermal Lens to Determine Pb (II) as a Compound with 2-(2—Thiazolylazo)-p Cresol (TAC)”, was supervised by Professor Renato Saavedra (CEFOP) and David Contreras (Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry).

Milenka carried out her research in our center, specifically in the Laboratory of Photoacoustics and Photothermal Phenomena, part of Non-destructive Material Characterization.

She told us that her experience in CEFOP was very enriching, since it allowed her to expand her knowledge in a number of disciplines, especially in physical phenomena, complementing her chemistry studies, which made it possible for her to develop in relation to both fields.

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