FONDEF invites applicants for competitive funding through Regional Valorization of Research in Universities (VIU)

Interested parties have until April 1 to apply for this funding that supports students in the Biobío and Los Ríos Regions.

With the aim of promoting new businesses or companies based on research carried out in universities in Biobío and Los Ríos Regions, FONDEF invited applications for funding from undergraduate and graduate students, who are still working on or who have finished their final report or thesis work in Chile, together with their supervising teachers and also researchers from the National Commission For Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT).

The focus of the program is on students as conveyers of knowledge to those involved in production processes. The Regional Valorization of Research in Universities competition is designed to support university students, either undergraduate or graduate, in Biobío and Los Ríos Regions, so they can set up or run businesses to develop a new spirit that values science and technology.

Candidates have to be students at accredited Chilean universities and should be finishing their final undergraduate research or postgraduate thesis, or should have finished it not more than 18 months before January 14, 2013.

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