Guest Scientists give Lectures on Mechanics and Quantum Information

Two guest researchers, specialists in quantum mechanics, were invited by the Optics and Quantum Information Division to give two lectures designed to provide a better understanding of this area.

As part of the international guest speaker program, Dr. Paolo Mataloni from La Sapienza University in Italy and Dr. Adan Cabello from the University of Seville in Spain were invited to come to CEFOP. In their lectures, both talked about their work in quantum mechanics and explained some of the problems they have to face.

Integrated quantum mechanics was the subject of Dr. Mataloni’s talk, focusing on new resources that this field provides for quantum information and the results of his own research. He referred to quantum walks over two intertwined photons as a result of interferometers distributed nets, in which the controlled phase changes are introduced into every mesh unit of the networks.

On his part, Dr. Cabello talked about the quantum violation of a fundamental inequality and in relation to this topic he explained the meaning of quantum nonlocality and contextuality. He also explained his own ideas about quantum mechanics, inequalities in the field and the graph theory, on which he has been working.

Dr. Paolo Mataloni is a member of the Executive Board of the European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy and president of the Scientific Board of the National Interuniversity Consortium for the Physical Sciences of Matter. He is also a member of the Quantum Electronics and Optics Division (QEOD) of the European Physics Society.

Dr. Adan Cabello is president of the Specialized Group on Quantum Information of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics. He gives courses and lectures in different countries and is also a regular collaborator with experimental physics groups in Germany, Austria, China, Italy and Sweden.

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