Pablo Solano started his doctoral studies in the JQI at the University of Maryland

In the middle of January, Pablo Solano, a member of our center, started his PhD studies in Physics at the University of Maryland.

Thanks to a research scholarship or research assistantship (RA), offered by the Physics Department at the University of Maryland in The United States, Pablo Solano is currently studying to obtain his PhD in Physics at the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), which is associated with this U.S. university.

“I have to work in one of the laboratories at the university in association with the JQI and my job is to couple a superconductive resonator with trapped rubidium atoms through magnetic fields”, explained Solano to CEFOP.

The PhD studies last five years on average, so that Solano has set out his priorities for this year 2013: he has to study for his classes and also work in the laboratory. However, he says, there is the chance of attending international conferences to let people know about our project.

Previous work

Solano, who was awarded a University of Concepción prize for graduating first in his year, did an internship in the JQI from January to May 2011 and then he had to apply for the scholarship. “I had already worked there, so I knew almost all the people, who by the way gave me a very warm welcome”, he added.

The long term aim of the atoms on SQUID experiment that Pablo works on consists of the construction of a hybrid quantum processor with superconductive ports and an atomic memory.

The Quantum scientists who work at the JQI are from the Physics Department of the University of Maryland (UMD), from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and also from the Laboratory for Physical Sciences at UMD.

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