Conicyt opens applications for Becas Chile 2013

CONICYTThe National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (Conicyt) opened the grant for Doctoral scholarships in foreign countries, “Becas Chile” 2013, for Chileans and foreing people living in Chile.

The aim of this scholarship is to train advanced human capital in all knowledge areas, without exceptions and in any country. The purpose is that graduates, on their return to Chile, can contributing to the scientific, academic, economic, social and cultural development.

Fellows may initiate or continue studies leading to the degree of Doctor of institutions of excellence abroad, for a maximum period of four years.

The benefits of the scholarship will be valid until the following month of the exam grade date or an equivalent date, provided that the total length does not exceed four years from the beginning to the curriculum.

The application period on paper will be closed the 5th of March at 14:00 hrs; and online application period the 17th of April, at the same time of day. Results will be published in June 2013.

For more information, please visit details page on Conicyt.

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