Guest scientist presents a talk and visits CEFOP laboratories

Dominique Sphener, PhD., visited Concepción on January 28 and 29, in the context of his cooperation links with CEFOP on topics like quantum entanglement and discord.

Dominique Sphener“Very impressed about the Physics developed in Chile”, Dominique Sphener, PhD., showed himself along his visits to CEFOP facilities. French researcher, who is professor at Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, was invited by Aldo Delgado, PhD., and visited Optics and Quantum Information division laboratories, and gave a talk to our Center’s members.

“I met Dominique in a congress realized in Piriápolis, Uruguay, in November. At that moment we discussed some topics we could work together in. then, we took the chance of a stance that he is currently doing in Santiago, for him to visit us”, Delgado said.

“We are interested in a couple of topics, basically they have to do with quantum entanglement and discord”, Delgado emphasized. The talk Dominique Sphener, PhD., gave was titled as “Can a particle lost event destroy ‘Schroedinger’s cat’? The Bose-Josephson joints case”.

In his closure words, Sphener said that “the question I established at the beginning, it very much depends on the energy, the loss rate and its symmetry. If I have it symmetric, in that case, I totally loose the cat; if I have the loss rates symmetric, but the energy changes, for protecting, I have ‘half cat’, and we can see coherence, but also loss; and, if I have a total y asymmetric rate, I loose atoms in mode zero and adjust the phase to protect, I have a perfect cat. Even if we loss 20%, this protection mechanism works anyway”.

“I like Concepción a lot, and it was especially impressive to visit Quantum Optics laboratories”, he said the guest scientific. Also, by Dr. Sphener’s visit, was conceived the visit of Professor Birger Seifert, an Universidad Católica experimental physician. With this meeting, researchers chase to generate a joint work on these general interest topics for all of them.

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