Onemi’s National Director visit CEFOP

As part of his visit to the University of Concepción, Onemi’s current Director, Ricardo Toro Tassara, and Onemi’s Regional Director, Gonzalo Arroyo Contreras arrived to our Center. During this visit, they met with our Technology Developmet’s Director, Dr. Rolando Hernández.

For Onemi`s National Director, the objective of this meeting was to know the scientific, thechnological and technical capabilities offered by our Center. Specifically, how our work with Regional Onemi office is related with some fields like geoinformation. “CEFOP always had a geo-oriented area, this is to provide geographic information, either satellite images or other instruments. In this context, our Center can generate valuable informacion for decision-making at any time, but particularly for disaster conditions”, said Hernández.

Dr. Hernández added that CEFOP can provide three-dimensional maps for decision-making in transport. For example, our Center can provide real-time satellite information to make immediate decisionswhen an emergency occurs, such as Copahue volcano.”Also we can provide real three-dimensional simulations for to evaluate effects of potential damage by a flood. From that standpoint, CEFOP has scientific and technical capacity to generate useful information for decision-making “, and also other aspects.

Currently, Onemi and CEFOP are organizing a working method, that will allow to reach a specific agreement with the regional Onemi.  The goal of this is have a set of tools permanently, through the Center for Optics and Photonics, University of Concepción.

For its part, National Director’s Onemi, explained that his visit to CEFOP is part of a search for universities and centers that can cooperate in the Office’s work, “we need to have information cadastral nationwide. That’s why we are searching systems that integrate everything that exists, in order to get updated information, so this is because I’m knowing what these agencies have, to try to integrate this capabilities, because Onemi performs the function of coordinating all these.”

He said he was convinced that University of Concepción, with its various research centers, as CEFOP, “has capabilities that are perfectly usable and I think that we have not yet been proactive enough to incorporate, and that’s the effort I’m taking, at what new challenges that come with the new system of civil protection. “

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