PhD. Aldo Delgado went to workshop about last development in rebuilding of quantum states

Professor Delgado was invited to participate on “Mathematics Methods of Quantum Tomography”, workshop performed in The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, since February 19 to 22.

Professor Delgado said “Basically, this activity allows us to show the recent development in rebuilding of quantum states, which we call technically Quantum Tomography”, and to know the last mathematic fundaments on this problem.

“It is one of the research lines that I conducted and recently I have done several contributions. It was a very interesting experience, because I could watch very comprehensive presentations, very interesting to mathematics, in the last developments of tomography”, Professor Delgadosaid.

Furthermore, it was interesting because many of those developments could be implemented on laboratories of our Center. “We have two goals: to participate on the workshop, but also try to understand another approach to this problem, what eventually could be implemented on our laboratories”.


About new links after the meeting, the investigator member of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Division of CEFOP said that he had discussions with Professor Daniel James, from University of Toronto, Jens Eisert, from Free University of Berlin, Jaroslav  Rehácek, from Palacky University, and Alexei Gilchrist, from Macquarie University of Sydney. “Paolo Mateloni attended too. He visited our Center time ago and we could speak about some issues related with Quantum Tomography, very important to our research”.

Since four years, Professor Delgado studies Quantum Tomography. About this technique, he said “It is about how we rebuild the quantum states of a system, when we do not know the states. Quantum Tomography is important to me because it is an attempt or an access to understand what quantum states are. I am interesting on the most foundational aspects of Quantum Mechanics”.

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