Three students’s CEFOP awarded Conicyt scholarships

Pablo González, Gustavo Cañas y Pablo Riquelme won the CONICYT scholarship to continue doctorates programs. González y Cañas will continue their investigations in the laboratories of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Division. Pablo Riquelme, however, resigned from the scholarship, because he has also obtains a scholarship from the Pernambuco University, in Brazil, with his fellow Luis Ortiz, both from the Light Scattering Laboratory, of Applied Biofotonic Group in La Frontera University.

Gonzalez, who is finished his thesis Master in Science in Physics, will began his studies during this year. Cañas, in turn, with this scholarship will pay the last two years of the PhD in Physics. Pablo Riquelme is already in Brazil, and his scholarship provides the total cost of the PdD program.


Pablo Gonzalez had as mentor Proffesor Wallon Nogueira, and thought to remain in CEFOP. “I like what we do here with professor Nogueira. The work in the laboratory is funny”, Gonzalez said, and added “everybody want to go to other countries, but I think the standard in CEFOP is pretty good”.

Gonzalez explained his vocation by the area of quantum information, and his studies about key distribution or quantum key. “To implement this process in our laboratory, we have to resolve several technics problems. The theory said the key is very save, but do not consider the implementation imperfections, where the attack are focused”. We perform a protocol which is in principle immune to one type of attack”.

Cañas came from Colombia, interested in the experimental science developed in our center. He told his internship gives him the opportunity to achieve the Master, with Professor Gustavo Lima, and now he can continued the PhD program, with the CONICYT scholarship. About this benefit, he said “you can just study, with no more worries. But you must giving back something, throughyour research and showing the work of CONICYT, the University and CEFOP”.

“I study Bell’s inequality, from the fundamental of Quantum Optics. We are working in continuous variables, and now I am working on quantum mechanics contextuality”, Cañas said. To the Colombian researcher, in his country is very difficult to make experimental research, something he appreciated in Chile. About his research, he said “in 30 or 40 years will be useful to a lot of thing, it is a bet on the future”

Flying to Brazil

Luis Ortiz studied the Master Science in Physics in La Frontera University, focus his thesis on the “Nonequilibrium free diffusion in seed leachate”, under the direction of Professor Robert Guzman. In his doctorate will be accompanied by the Professor Alessandro de Souza Villar, in his project called “Experimental implementation of an ion trap for quantum computing”.

To Pablo Riquelme, to choose the scholarship of Pernambuco University and leave the other one it was not an easy decision. He also studies the Master in Science in Physics, and finally decided over the idea to continue his studies in Optics. One of his goals is to win a place in the laboratory to work with Professor Cid de Araujo, his mentor, focused in crystal growth nonlinear response, which also provides theoretical and experimental jobs.

“In a workshop in Uruguay we know Professor de Souza, and we keep in contact for almost a year, until we concreted my access to the Doctorate Program”, Riquelme said. Furthermore, he said he learned the big lesson is that it must participate in the events. “Many times you could think it is just a meeting where you can talk about Physics, but to me it was fundamental. We came from a southern University, but in the meeting I could see we are in a very good level. I would like to acknowledge to Professor Carlos Saavedra and Professor Rolando Hernandez because the vision they have, and for considering La Frontera University and make us part of CEFOP”.

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