Gabriel Saavedra presented his title memory about quantum communications

The student of Optoelectronics Division developed his title memory with Dr. Guilherme B. Xavier and he defended it on March 25. “Quantum Communications. Generation of quantum states and distribution through optical fibers “, was framed in a larger Professor Xavier’s project, about implementation of schemes for energy-time entanglement over long distances.

Gabriel SaavedraThe current Masters student in Electrical Engineering, scored the maximum mark to present their work that combines engineering with physical sciences. “Gabriel’s work is located within a larger experiment, which is the spread of energy-time entanglement in optical fibers with closing of the loophole of post-selection, in the first instance,” said Dr. Xavier. He added that closing this loophole “we can generate a theoretical basis in all investigations that have already been made ​​with this type of entanglement.”

As Gabriel said in the begining of his defense, the genesis of his work was the need to have a fiber optic link, capable of acting as an interferometer at large distances and to be used in quantum communications experiments. “This title memory contributes to a research line that is quantum communication via optical fibers. It’s very important to run quantum communication protocols with spatial separation between transmitter and receiver, which brings the experiments closer to practical applications”, Professor Xavier said.

“Our goal is will be able to use cryptographic protocols. I intend to continue in this area at least this year. I’m not near to change my position, and if I do, will be within a close area. I like optical fiber’s topics, transmission steps developments and those are the options I have thought”, Saavedra said. The final step of the main project will be make a experiment with the receiving station located in the Observatory TIGO and broadcaster in the Faculty of Engineering, on April. “This also will close the theoretical ambiguity of locally,” said Dr. Xavier.

Gabriel SaavedraThe Telecommunications engineer said that without the Center he probably wouldn’t worked in such a complex area that integrates engineering and physics, as emphasized the academics present. “The contribution within the meaning of workmates in Optoelectronics Division, the support given by them, are very important features that promote keep working,” he said.

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