CEFOP researcher prepares to begin a new phase in UFRO

Pablo Meza, a member of Optoelectronics Division of our Center, saw an opportunity to be an academic at the University of La Frontera (UFRO) as a way of giving thank to his training as an engineer. That university will receive him in early May, where he will strengthen the telecommunications Department of Electrical Engineering.

Pablo MezaHe always had the idea that given the opportunity, he would come back to UFRO. “I studied Civil Engineering Electronics there and I started graduate school when it opened the master’s program, which was the starting point to continue in this academic and research career. Today there are always new technologies and it’s good reward this experience with my knowledge “, Pablo said.

Thus began the idea of ​​return. In the final process of him doctoral thesis of Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering, and his wife pregnated of their first child, Pablo applied in late January to the Department of Electrical Engineering (DIE) UFRO. The renewal of academic staff with highest qualifications who contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, research and relationship with the environment is the main goal of his engagement.

“In particular, I have an excellent evaluation about Pablo Meza. Its main feature is him outstanding participation and contribution in different articles and presentations on CEFOP Optoelectronics Division”, Dr. Cesar San Martin said, researcher of our Center and director of career Telematic Engineering, major in who will teach Meza.

“Pablo will join at area Optoelectronics and Detection Technology in infrared”, Dr. San Martin said, adding that along with joining the department and existing lines, they hope who he can contribute him own research fields. “I am willing to provide all tools I have learned here. The biggest influence I’ve had in CEFOP was by teachers Sergio Torres and Jorge Pezoa. Both have different ways of working. Here also we tried to mix the disciplines, and is something I would like to replicate in the UFRO”, Meza said.

“I love working with people from other areas. I worked with Juan Pablo Staforelli and María José Gallardo, of Laboratory for Microscopy and Optical Tweezers. Everyone brings different things. Together we try to mix the physical area, biological and engineering techniques by measuring optoelectronic systems”, he said. A job that is under writing for a journal is related cromobacterias with a spectral analysis of growth over time. Meza also helped enzymatic detection of exothermic with infrared cameras, “here we have an important job that is being modified to a conference,” said Pablo.

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