CEFOP is a landmark of Concepción

They had to do homework: to describe a landmark of Concepción, which they may show to the visitors who come to the city. Five girls decided that the best thing to show is the campus of the University of Concepción, and into it, one of the CEFOP’s laboratories. Pia Hoffmann, Catalina Delgado, Javiera Werner, María José Barrales and Sofia Roa spent an afternoon getting to know the facilities, and then they presented to their class of sixth year of the Colegio Alemán.

The group who visited CEFOP

The activity is part of the subject Creation and Social Action (CAS), where the goal is who students to be able to create projects that social help and environmental care. “First we thought of going to the Naval Base. Then, Javiera and Sofia suggested going to the UdeC because it’s interesting”, said Catalina.

“Now we have to prepare a talk and tell others what we saw, how are the laboratories, how to go, to describe all” adds Maria José. On the tour they did, accompanied by Professor Aldo Delgado, all respond in unison: “It was really funny”.

Other teams visited the zoo, Jorge Alessandri’s Park and other iconic spaces in the area. However, the possibility of being at the University seemed more attractive for that kids, because as indicated Pía “we learn many things here, more than elsewhere”. And what did they learn? “Well, they explained that things they are studying now, in a few years may be used for other things, to make powerful computers and secret keys” said Catalina.

The students still have no clear an own vocation (“I like the language,” “I’m good in math”, “I want to study the life on the sea”, “I’ll decide later”) but know they could discover many things, and perhaps following in the footsteps of other great scientists.

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