Recent publication: First analysis of zooplankton in various bays of Lake General Carrera

Landsat/ETM+ images (RGB-321 composition). Five zones (S1 to S5) with different water reflectance are showed.

A first characterization of the structures of zooplankton in Lake General Carrera / Buenos Aires, located between the Region of Aysen  in Chile and Patagonia Argentina, was conducted by the researcher of our Center, Patricio Acevedo, of division of Digital Image Processing , in conjunction with researchers at the Universiad Católica de Temuco.

The research entitled “Crustacean zooplankton communities in Lake General Carrera (46 ° S) and their possible association with optical properties” (.pdf, 1.1 Mb), was published on April 1st, in the journal Crustaceana, Volume No. 86.

“In the research we correlate the relative abundance of the dominant species calanoid  B. Michaelseni measured in some sampling points, with the optical properties of the water reflectance, obtained from satellite, in order to extend these results point to the entire lake level”, remarked the researcher.

General Carrera Lake is one of three large, deep lakes of Central Patagonia, a region that is virtually free of contamination. “There are currently no detailed limnological studies of these lakes”, he said. He noted that one aspect who difference to the General Carrera Lake is that it receives glacial sediments from their effluents, their water sources.

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