CEFOP’S Young Scientist receives Chilean Scholarship

Sebastian Etcheverry Cabrera has been selected by the Chilean fellowship Program “Becas Chile”, to continue abroad studies. As he told us, he will start a Ph.D.program on Sweden, in the ACREO Institute, research center on electronics, optics and communication technologies, from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

With help of Dr. Guilherme Xavier, from Opto-Electronics division of CEFOP, Sebastian was contacted with Walter Margulis, a Brazilian researcher at ACREO. “I met him in a Congress in Brazil. They are working on several areas, especially on optical fibers, designing new fibers with new properties and with applications in industry, medicine and biology. It is a topic important to me, because I was looking for this kind of areas, of applied physics. To create a product that can be used it in industry or in another research”, Sebastian said.

Sebastian believes that the choice of destination and CEFOP previous research are two important ingredients that increase his application.“Work in CEFOP allows you to prepare a good curriculum. When I finished the master I was not sure about where continue the doctorate, so I waited, I stayed working for a year in CEFOP and we can finished two papers, and there is another one what will be ready soon”.

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