Pucon receives first Workshop LIDAR in Chile

Every two years, researchers in LIDAR come togetherin a Latin American country. In this occasion, the seventh version of this conference will be held in Chile, organized by CEFOP.

Almost 50 researchers and students will meet from November 11 to16 in Pucon, with the goalto present, learn and discuss about advances in LIDAR new technologies. The VII Workshop of LIDAR Measurements in Latin America (WLMLA) has the aimto promote communication and cooperation between scientific members of the LIDAR community in Latin America, and also to plan future LIDAR research projects in these topics.

Our Center for  Optics and Photonics (CEFOP), as host of VII WLMLA, www.cefop.cl/lidar, invites to all scientific community, related to LIDAR technology and laser remote sensing. Elena Montilla, President of Organizing Committee, said the meeting has a special importance: “It is an opportunity for integration of Chilean atmospheric physic with the rest of the world, a space to new possibilities of academic, scientific and technologic collaboration with different participants, Americans, Latin American and Europeans”.

During the week, the studentswill participate on Basic School on Lidars, an approach to LIDAR fundamental Techniques, operation and other technical details about LIDAR systems. Program includes conferences and poster sessions, about LIDAR technologies and methods, LIDAR applications in environmental sciences and air contamination, LIDAR regional networking, regional and international cooperation in LIDAR technologies, synergy between LIDAR and others instruments and remote sensing applications.

Registration fee and other information about this meeting are in the web page www.cefop.cl/lidar

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