Dardo Goyeneche made contact to cooperate with Polish researchers

Dr. Dardo Goyeneche had a working stay in Poland and Germany, where he shared his works and made contacts with a group of Polish researchers.

The postJagiellonian University - Ph.D. Karol Życzkowski and Dardo Goyenechedoctoral researcher of CEFOP Dardo Goyeneche stayed during three weeks in Krakow, in the Jagiellonian University, with Dr. Karol Życzkowski. Goyeneche explained: “Karol was interested in Symmetric Informationally Complete Positive Operator Valued Measures (SIC-POVM). Together with Professor Aldo Delgado, we have been working in these topics since 2011. This research is a part of my post doctorate project, funded by Fondecyt. Karol contributedwith new ideas about the possible geometric structure of SIC-POVM to multiples qubits. In the next months, we will work together on this idea and probably we will get a paper”.

After this meeting, Goyeneche was visiting Dr. Ryszard Horodecki and Dr. Pawel Horodecki. “I was in the National Quantum Information Center of Sopot, (Gdansk, Poland). I had the opportunity of present and discuss our recent work about pure states tomography. I received very interesting comments from Ryszhard and Pawel, and we have keptin touch after the stay”, said. Currently, this tomographic scheme isbeing implemented in the laboratory of Dr. Gustavo Lima (CEFOP).


“The tomographic reconstruction of quantum states to multiples qubits, in other words, the determination of the state of a set of quantum particles, requires a large number of measurements. In the usual methods, the number of measurements is a quadratic function of the dimension. In our work, we prove that pure states can be reconstructed with a linear number of measurements, instead of a quadratic one.

Interestingly, numerical simulations made up to 8 qubits, shows that this method is robust under errors in state preparation and measurement”, Goyeneche said.

The theoretical part of this work has taken almost two years, and it was presented in several meetings and discussed with many international researchers. “Every Congress in which we participated was used to talk about our tomographic scheme, which allowed us to get a very good work”.

The journey of Goyeneche included presentations in the 45 Symposium on Mathematical Physics of Torun, Jagiellonian University, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw University and National Quantum Information Center in Gdansk. Furthermore, he presented a poster in the 13th International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainly Relations, in Nürnberg, Germany.

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