Proof-of-principle demonstration of measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution using polarization qubits

T. Ferreira da Silva, D. Vitoreti, G. B. Xavier, G. C. do Amaral, G. P. Temporao and J. P. von der Weid


We perform a proof-of-principle demonstration of the measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution protocol using weak coherent states and polarization-encoded qubits over two optical fiber links of 8.5 km each. Each link was independently stabilized against polarization drifts using a full-polarization control system employing two wavelength-multiplexed control channels. A linear-optics-based polarization Bell-state analyzer was built into the intermediate station, Charlie, which is connected to both Alice and Bob via the optical fiber links. Using decoy states, a lower bound for the secret-key generation rate of 1.04×10−6 bits/pulse is computed.


Categories: Publications