Young researcher started PhD in optical fibers in Sweden

Since October our young ex researcher Sebastian Etcheverry is taking part in the Ph.D. in Applied Physics program of the KTH University (Royal Institute of Technology), in Sweden. There he works in Acreo Research Institute, and his work is being founded by “Becas Chile”.

From Sweden he tells us that, the contact with the university was conceived during a conference in Brazil where he met Dr. Walter Margulis, renowned for his work in optical fibers. “I asked him if they had a Ph.D. student position available in his group, he said yes and there we started programming everything.”

Sebastian, who completed his degree in Physics and Master in Physics in the Universidad de Concepción in association with our Center, is currently studying in one of the European universities with more contact with the industry. Excited, Sebastian told us that Dr. Fredrik Laurell will be one of his advisors in Laserphysics group, Department of Applied Physics at KTH. “In addition, the research work will be developed in Acreo Institute, with Dr. Margulis and other postdocs who work, beside other areas, in optical fibers with applications in industry and biology,” he mentioned.

He plans to develop technologies based in optical fibers and capillaries, in order to “join the propagation of light and liquid through special optical fibers, which could allow the development of many applications in photonics, biology and medicine”.

A progressive change

During the 22nd and 23rd last October, Etcheverry assisted the conference in Optics and Photonics in Sweden, which took place in Uppsala. There he presented the poster “Quantum key distribution session with 16-dimensional photonic states”, a study done with the Quantum Optics and Quantum Information division from our center, group that still has jobs in common with him. “Here in Stockholm I have lots of chances of going to schools and workshops, so I intend to take the most opportunities I have. For now I’m getting used to the rhythm of work and research.”

Sebastian emphasized that “the reception has been very good, I haven’t had any problem, people are very friendly in Acreo, which is where I spend most of the time. They help me in everything I need”.

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