Dr. Pedro Andrés-Bou: “I want to develop cooperative ties with CEFOP”

Dr. Pedro Andrés and Dr. Carlos SaavedraDr. Pedro Andrés-Bou visited for five days our Center. He is professor at the Universidad de Valencia (Spain) and President of Iberoamerican Optics Network (RIAO). These five days were enough to give him a positive impression of the work that goes on in the Center of Optics and Photonics (CEFOP). The renowned researcher visited us with two goals: Be the first speaker in our new colloquiums series and participate in the committee first meeting of the IX RIAO-Optilas 2016, which take place in Chile and organized by our Center.

“Monopixel and multidimensial Image” was the name of his work that exposed in the colloquium. In the exhibition, he described the progress made it in his laboratories in the development of an imaging system with monopixel detection. In addition, he explained how single-pixel optical cameras can exceed limitations imposed by multiple scattering in a turbid medium, and thus successfully transmit information through a dispersive medium.

The attendees showed enthusiasm in Dr. Pedro Andrés talk’s. The academic says that through studying it is possible acquire new knowledge, also buying books and equipment, but there is something that cannot buy, it is about the desire of work, the enthusiasm, the daily effort. These days I’ve seen a lot of people excited with their work and that’s something you can’t find in many research centers. That is the proof of that things going well”

As President of the Iberoamerican Optics Network he travelled to different center of Latin America. “I believe that, and without belittling anyone’s, I found here a very active center. I would say that there is nowhere else in the country. So, and not as a President, but as a researcher, I would like to develop ties of cooperation with some groups of CEFOP soon.

Colloquiums: just and necessary

Last year in CEFOP we organized 8 Colloquiums, all featuring by researchers and professors from different fields. This year, the goal is similar and started with the participation of Dr. Pedro Andrés-Bou, who stressed that the purpose of these colloquiums is very successful. “I belong to the Physics Faculty of the University of Valencia and right there we are also concerned to schedule seminars for the year, so that all students can participate if they so wish”.

According to Andrés-Bou, modern science is interdisciplinary and the main idea is these seminars have a projection to neighboring fields and not just the issues that are developed strictly in Optics and Photonics. “This is very positive for all researchers and students if they want complement their formation. When you go to a conference the target is to attend the conference, to plenary sessions, tutorials about different topics to yours, to have a more global perspective of the field, because you never know if there you can find the start the solution to a problem that you being carried for months. Maybe solution is next to me, but I did not see before”.

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