Nonlinear Optics’ first experimental publication

New Journal of Physics accepted a recent work made by researchers from Nonlinear Optics (ONL) division, which is their first experimental paper and was reviewed by peers in early February for its publication.

“Experimental observation of bulk and edge transport in photonic Lieb lattices” (pdf, 1.48 mb.) work was developed by researchers Diego Guzmán, Cristian Mejía and Rodrigo Vicencio, in collaboration with Dr. Alexander Szameit‘s German group, that made the glass samples used, and the group of the Israeli researcher, Dr. Mordechai Segev, who helped with numerical calculations. From Chile, Dr. Vicencio said the problem was proposed and the waveguides arrangements were designed with two-dimensional geometry Lieb cristals, and its fabrication was processed, using the “writing guides via femto-second laser” technique, which made possible to create one-dimensional and two-dimensional lattices with completely arbitrary geometries.

“In March 2013, I visited the laboratory of Dr. Szameit in Jena, Germany and I convinced him of the importance of fabricating this kind of lattices. Then, using funds from the Núcleo Milenio de öptica Avanzada, we refurbished an old laboratory and turn it into a new facility and, into an “opportunity” to develop a more experimental scientific work”, said Dr. Vicencio.

This publication explores how light in a lattice of flat band like Lieb crystal, is diffracted. “Depending on the excited site, light excites different lineal spectrum parts and, therefore, it will cause a different dispersion. Besides, we explored the excitation of edge modes which can’t be predict by the discrete model (tight-binding) and which only appear in a continuous description for a Lieb anisotropic network, as it was the case of this experiment”.

Due to this publication, in next July Dr. Vicencio will present his work in the Nonlinear Photonics conference, organized by OSA in Barcelona, ​​Spain. “After that talk, I will visit Linköping city in Sweden, where I’ll have a workshop with researchers from Sweden and Serbia that will allow us to identify new opportunities for researching”, he said.

Extension of the experimental line

Additionally, from Nonlinear Optics was sent a second paper in May 2014, as result of joint work with Quantum Optics & Quantum Information’s researchers from CEFOP. “In this other study, we explored light propagation properties and its dependence with polarization in ordered and disordered lattice guides. Experiments were also carried out in Santiago, obtaining high-quality pictures of it”, the researcher explained.

Researchers added three ONL developing experiments in the oncoming months, and will work on two new techniques, one for measuring fluorescent light emitted from the lattices and other –in exploratory phase- for waveguides manufacture. “We will develop a numerical experiment based on the Master’s student Dany López prediction, about a one-dimensional disordered system, which arrangements will be fabricated at Jena and then measured in Santiago. On the other hand, Luis Morales, Master’s mate of Dany, is currently implementing the setup for the exploration or waveguides production, which, we expect allow us, to confirm this technique experimentally (non-existent nowadays)”.

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