CEFOP opens exhibition SatelitArte in Chillán

An iniciative of our Center that brings together Chilean art, science and technology, will be open to the public until 26 September, 2014.

14786798910_12f01a6b2e_z-500x333“SatelitArte, the world with other eyes,” was opened on 13 August in the Center of Cultural Extension Alfonso Lakes (CECAL) of Chillán. The exhibition, which was shown to the public at the art gallery of the University of Concepción (UdeC) in January of this year, began its tour for the first time to several national venues last June. In this, its third opening, SatelitArte hopes to lure an audience in Chillan, with a dialogue between science, art and technology.

The SatelitArte project is the result of the collaboration of CEFOP with the outreach office of the University of Concepción and aspires to bring the use and the advantages offered by satellite technology to all Chileans. It includes the participation of 18 national visual artists who through their work reinterpret and intervene a selection of satellite images, used in research and in the development of productive activities.

These images were selected by researchers from our Center, the majority (12 o them) provided by the Aerophotogrammetric service (SAF) of the Chilean Air Force. This set was captured by the Chilean satellite FASat Charlie, belonging to the satellite system of terrestrial observation (SSOT) and the rest is completed by rescued images from various international satellites. CEFOP, through remote sensing laboratories, has the tools to generate various applications of satellite information, useful in forestry, spatial planning and environmental care, among other sectors.

The authors of this remarkable series of interventions are painters and engravers Arturo Duclos, Evelyn Rozas, Fernando Melo, Lorena Villablanca, José Fernández, Claudio Romo, José Basso, Eileen Kelly, Zinnia Ramírez, Oliver Sáez, Edgardo Neira, Michelin Basso, Oscar Concha, Mario Sánchez, Mauricio Contreras, Catalina de la Cruz, Teresa Razeto and Tatiana Lastarria.

SatelitArte, after roaming through showrooms in different cities, will become part of the collection of Chilean painting of the art museum of UdeC.

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