Researchers from Non-linear Optics created links with Sweden and Britain

Dr. Mario Molina, Dr. Rodrigo Vicencio and Dr. Cristian Mejía, from the Non-linear Optics Division at Universidad de Chile visited Sweden on August and shared with other researchers in the Non-linear Optics field. Also, Dr. Molina was invited to give a talk about nonlinear waves in Great Britain.

Swedish, Serbian an Chilean researchers in Linkoping, Sweden.

Swedish, Serbian an Chilean researchers in Linkoping, Sweden.

In the University of Linkôping, Sweden, researchers from our Center met Dr. Magnus Johansson, researcher from Physics Department of that university and also with Dr. Milutin Stepić, from Atomic Physics Laboratory at University of Belgrade, Serbia, to design new work projects between the three institutions.

This international partnership is driven by Sweden government program, which researchers from Non-linear Optics with partners from Sweden and Serbia were awarded in 2013. “This visit will enable us to discuss several issues, one of them about vortex, a matter that I will look into with Dr. Johansson and Dr. Mejía“, said Dr. Molina.

Researchers from Chile, Alejandro Martínez and Uta Naether, ex members from CEFOP, participated in the beginning of this association through their works of magister and PhD‘s.

In this second instance, Dr. Molina was involved in the Conference on Non-linear Waves and Coherent Structures in the United Kingdom, wich was held since the 11 to 14 August. In the event, organized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Physicians and Mathematicians presented their conferences about research from the most basic science to some specific applications.

Dr. Molina participated as a special guest in the symposium about non-linear waves in metamaterials with his work “Pt-Symmetry and Embedded Modes in the Continuum for Magnetic Metamaterials”. This research is about a problem at the beginning of quantic mechanics that has partially been solved. The CEFOP researcher rethought this problem from context of the magnetics metamaterials.

“The results we obtained are better than in the past. The results are fundamental type, so are applicable to any area where spread wave, whether they are magnetic, optical or quantum”, explained. This last finding is part of “Localization in discrete nonlinear optical media: Case studies”, Fondecyt project which was adjudicated by Dr. Molina in 2012 with a four years duration.

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