Successful new CEFOP Telecommunication professional graduates

Claudio Reyes father, Dr. Sergio Torres, Dr. Guilherme Xavier, Dr. Jorge Pezoa, Claudio Reyes and Mr. Exequiel Campillo.Past Monday, 25th August, Claudio Reyes got the highest mark for his dissertation to obtain his degree of Telecommunications Engineer. His work was about ​​processing infrared images, which also led him to writing two related papers.

The young researcher, member of the Transmission Laboratory from Optoelectronics Division at our Center, developed his dissertation titled “Characterization of infrared vision systems: applications in analysis of exothermic systems,” under the direction of Dr. Sergio Torres. “From the fifth year we started working with hyper-spectral images, analyzing the reactions of bacteria that dissolve copper, and then we work with infrared microscopy and ended up working on infrared images”, Claudio said.

Claudio, Pablo Meza and Dr. Torres also developed an application to his studies with Dr. Juan Pablo Staforelli and Dr. María José Gallardo, from Microscopy and Optical Tweezers Laboratory at our Center. The team focused in the study on physical processes in biological samples. “For the publication ‘Non-contact measurement technique for enzymatic reaction of glucokinase’ we processed and analyzed infrared camera videos about a chemical reaction catalyzed by glucokinase, which allowed us to know more about cells internal dynamics” he said.

Likewise, the second paper that Reyes sent to Applied Optics journal, reaches a higher level than his memoir work. “This paper has delved into the image processing and methodologies to detect reactions from infrared images, with an analysis of algorithms and more detailed functionality,” the recent graduate explained.

Drs. Luis Arias, Guilherme Xavier and Sergio Torres, members of evaluation committee, positively highlighted the capabilities Claudio demonstrated during his way to graduate. Reyes will keep working for a few months between our Center’s researchers, contributing to the new infrared microscope implementation, at Optoelectronics Division.

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