From laboratory to industry: CEFOP participated in the Annual Arauco Forestry Fair

MSc. Mauricio Arenas shows projects to the executives from Arauco.Arauco S.A. is a forest industry holding which trusts in our Center’s Science and Technology development. Because of that reliability, CEFOP’s researchers from Technological Development Department were invited to participate in its Industrial Fair 2014. This invitation is part of a relationship grounded by CEFOP’s projects undertaken by subsidiary companies from Arauco holding.

On that occasion, the exhibition was about technological developments that show our Center’s work, emerged by the scientific side as by the industrial side. The event was attended by Arauco S.A. employees, executives, managers and guests from 3M Company.

Dr. Rolando Hernández Mellado, Technology Development Director of our Center appreciated the holding invitation: “It’s a plus for us being invited to take part of this national character convention and a recognition from Arauco to our four projects we have implemented, two of which are currently in process”.

MSc. Mauricio Arenas and PhD. Rolando Hernández

Technological Development Department researchers, led by Dr. Hernández explained to the audience, a monitoring system for tank trucks results, a security system for individuals and teams tasks in forest harvesting, and CMAX-DOAS, a technique for identifying and quantifying trace gases in the atmosphere abundance technique.

From the company perspective, the needs raised four years ago, have been addressed with high capacity, commitment and professionalism. “Note that this technology transfer to Arauco is developing unique systems worldwide,” said Jorge Seron Ferré, Forest Operations Manager.

Our Center and Arauco S.A. relationship started in 2010, because of a cooperation program that continues nowadays. “As an excellent Center, our researchers are able to provide research and technological development at a national level, and that’s what we wanted to highlight,” Dr. Hernández emphasized.

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