Academic Vice-Rector from UdeC values academic and research level of CEFOP

PhD. Aldo Delgado, PhD. Jacqueline Sepúlveda, PhD. Guilherme xavier, PhD. Rolando Hernández, PhD. Carlos Saavedra and PhD. students Pablo González and Gustavo CañasPhD. Jacqueline Sepúlveda Carreño, Academic Vice-Rector of the Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), visited the Center for Optics and Photonics the past 12th September. In that occasion, she shared and talked with the researchers to know the main current projects.

Directors from our Center, PhD. Rolando Hernández, Technological Development Director and PhD. Carlos Saavedra, Scientific Director, received to the academic authority. After that, in front of the guest and the members of CEFOP, PhD. Saavedra spoke about the guidelines, indicators and results obtained since 2009, the year when was founded CEFOP. Also, the occasion was used to emphasize the importance for the Optics and the Photonics, as main activities for social development and the future projection of the Center.

“The 20th century was the electron century and the 21st is the photon century, especially if we see the emerging technologies. The potential development of our Center is interdisciplinary and we hope envolve to the transdisciplinarity”, said PhD. Saavedra.

Certainly, the Academic Vice-Rector values the contribution of CEFOP in the work of undergraduate and graduate grades offered by our researchers, focused by interdisciplinarity between physics, engineering and biological applications.

“I think this is a high level Center. The new lines of development in our university, are focused in the sense of creating the innovative spirit in students, in the order of create an innovation culture”, said Jacqueline Sepúlveda.

PhD. Jacqueline Sepúlveda and PhD. Carlos Saavedra On the other hand, from CEFOP was consulted to the Academic Vice-rector about delays who affects to the students currently linked to our Center, on the process of validation of courses taken in foreign institutions. In this point, the authority said that is currently working with the Vice Presidencies of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) in a system of transferable credits comparable to others in Europe and Latin America.

Later, PhD Jacqueline Sepúlveda, visited some laboratories from CEFOP, where she met with undergraduate and graduate students, who explained her some of the department projects.

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