Quantum Cryptography project from CEFOP integrates Raylex technology

Dr. Gustavo Lima explains details of the project to Mr. German von Geren, with Dr. Rolando Hernández and Dr. Guilherme Xavier.General Manager from Raylex Company, German von Geldern, visited the Center for Optics and Photonics of Universidad de Concepción, to discuss cooperation between both entities. This alliance allows our Center, to extend our approach to optical telecommunications industry in its national stage.

Raylex, developer in integration and technology transfer field, is the major international brand trader in Chile. In its wireless transmission, optical and satellite areas, which Cefop considered narrowing its collaboration in Fondef project   “Development of an automated Quantum Cryptography”.

The Quantum Optics and Optoelectronics laboratory visited Mr. von Geldern, with Dr. Rolando Hernández, Director of Technology Development from Cefop, Dr. Guilherme Xavier, project investigator, from the Optoelectronics Division and Dr. Gustavo Lima, deputy project director and member of the Optics and Quantum Information Division.

Dr. Xavier has valued this collaboration. “The participation of Raylex is through the provision of optical fibers for field testing and logistical support, which gives us a much more direct connection to the optical telecommunications market in Chile,” he said.

In 2015 the company will contribute in a prototype system development, with its access to installed optical fiber links, through his work with operators and Internet telephony. “The use of these links is very attractive for experimental demonstrations we plan to do in the future,” said the researcher.

In this collaboration, researchers Gabriel Saavedra and Jaime Cariñe from Optoelectronics Division are also involved.

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