Only the best meet in Scientific exposition in Santiago

Cefop took part at National Technology Fair 2014, organized by Conicyt, which took place on Monday 06 and Tuesday 07 in Constitution Square (Santiago).

Dr. rolando Hernández, Mrs. María Elena Boisier, Mrs. María Elena Velasco and Dr. Carlos Saavedra Rubilar

Dr. Rolando Hernández, Mrs. María Elena Boisier, Mrs. María Elena Velasco and Dr. Carlos Saavedra Rubilar

Researchers from Center for Optics and Photonics participated in the National Technology Fair 2014, organized by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT, which brought together the national elite in several areas of technological development.

This free and open to the public activity which gave a start to the XX National Week of Science and Technology of CONICYT- Explora 2014 program, was developed on Monday 06 and Tuesday 07 in Santiago, specifically at constitution square. The event brought together technology prototypes and research developments from the twenty most prominent centers in the country, representing various areas of scientific endeavor, such as biotechnology, engineering, optics, and neuroscience, among others.

On this occasion, CEFOP representatives have shown results of two advanced research and practical applications. It is “Telecommunications and safety information in optical networks: Quantum Cryptography” and “Telemetry and Expert System for Occupational Risks Prevention in Forest Crops Work”.

Regarding quantum cryptography initiative –headed by Dr. Gustavo Lima- it provides an alternative solution to a modern problem: the availability of safety for data transmission in telecommunication channels, ensuring the integrity of the transmitted message. This is achieved through the application of fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, through the spread of information across photons, allowing the creation of unrepeatable cryptographic keys. This experiment is unique of its kind nationwide.

Meanwhile, the system of risk prevention in forestry came about as a result of the close collaboration between Cefop and Bosques Arauco S.A., and aims to improve workers safety, developing a real time positioning system, including action alerts, when a threat is detected during forest harvesting tasks.

“In practice, a network of mobile devices can locate high precision work equipment, a central device monitors and manages information relating to risks and determines the conditions or whether to perform or not extraction tasks. This prototype is in full development and has already established a work plan with Bosques Arauco S.A., towards the system internationalization”, Mauricio Arenas, investigator for the product and chief engineer of the project, explained.

“One project is the result of more than seven years of scientific work to get through this knowledge generation, the possibility of building new devices, from the research frontier. The other project arose from a request from a company to solve a specific problem and there a solution that did not exist for companies worldwide. The border is also reached from an applied point of view” emphasized Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Scientific Director of the Center.

For his part, Dr. Rolando Hernández, Director of Technology Development, emphasized the importance that has for CEFOP to participate in such outreach efforts. “Our center is in a large part financed with government funds. And in this particular case, it is the State itself, which wants to present to the public what is being done with their resources. In addition, as Cefop, we are interested to present, from the time we took the initiative to make science, technology transfer and development, we are interested in doing a proper impact in business and society; therefore, events like this are important to us because they allow us to show that we are doing science, but linked to technological developments that are transferable and will address concrete problems” the researcher said.

Mrs. Carolina Tohá, Mayor of Santiago de Chile

Mrs. Carolina Tohá, Mayor of Santiago de Chile

In the opening ceremony headed by Santiago’s Mayor, Carolina Tohá, and the executive director (TP) of CONICYT, María Elena Boisier, among other authorities, the importance of the mission of bringing science to the community was highlighted.

Marianela Velasco, director of Explora Conicyt Program, responsible for organizing the event, explained the activity purpose. “Sometimes, we forget that in everyday life, there is a lot of science. For this reason, that each of us is immersed in a magical world, the Explora program addressed this year 2014, the slogan “Life, Science and Technology”, where we invite the scientific community to open their laboratories, visiting schools and spread the impact of science and technology in the country, and also in our lives. Each new version of our show, there are more institutions that add to the challenge of bringing science to the public”, said.

“A citizenry that is close to scientific work will require that this work has the support it requires, and have the resources they need, making a university has not only teaching, but also research. In a society where there is awareness of its importance and closeness there, by the way, is much more likely that required support is given. But the proximity with citizens helps the work of scientists and doer technological development is linked to society, it is focus on what country needs and is aware of the shortcomings of the emergency and the sensitivities of citizens and how to make them”, the mayor Tohá said.

The Fair, plus samples and proper scientific models such technological developments, including informative talks by visitor researchers, and delivery of promotional material. Also, the initiative is part of a series of other activities that will be taking place throughout the week in various parts of the country.

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