CEFOP student develops method to improve results using interferometers

Pedro Gutierrez with his parents

Pedro Gutierrez with his parents

Pedro Gutierrez earned his engineering degree, thanks to a research he conducted in CEFOP laboratories about secure communication applications.

“Implementation of a Mach-Zehnder optical fiber interferometer with multiplexing polarization” is the name of a research developed by Pedro Gutiérrez, member of the Center for Optics and Photonics, who successfully presented its degree report on Monday November 10, obtaining the degree of Civil Engineer in Telecommunications from Universidad de Concepción.

“I am satisfied with the results of the experiment. What we wanted was to be able to use an interferometer with a single fiber, not two as is usually done, in the process of multiplexing polarization, which is the technique that we were innovating on in our work. It was partially achieved, since we could have improved our results if we had other equipments, as if we could change a laser at 1550 nm, it would have been ideal for this job, but we were working with another. the investigation lasted one year”, Pedro Gutierrez said.

For his part, Dr. Guilherme Barreto Xavier, research guide, explained the main results and its future practical applications in the scientific process. “This research leitmotif t came directly from our experiments the Center. At the time we had, and with the tools we had, we could not get to the point we wanted, so we have now to do more work with the new equipment. Although these advances we have made can fill in the development of secure communication systems, taking quantum entanglement, in the experiments we do here at the Faculty of Engineering. The main motivation for this work is the simplification of interferometers, because that could greatly help conduct experiments with increasingly long distances” the teacher said.

Regarding his future plans, Gutierrez said they are not necessarily linked to scientific research. “I would like to work at the commercial area, and then get a master’s degree, but mostly related to economics and to develop in that area, but always focused on telecommunications topic, such as project evaluator or formulation projects”, new UdeC Engineer said.

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