Chilean Physics Symposium was held at UdeC

The XIX version of Chilean Symposium on Physics was held at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, at Universidad de Concepción. It is a biennial event sponsored by the Chilean Society of Physics (Sochifi) which brings to Chile physicist guests from all over the world. In this context, researchers, members and collaborators of Center for Optics and Photonics, CEFOP, from our university, presented the more relevant results of their current work to their peers.

The symposium, which this time was organized by the Departments of Physics from Universidad de Concepción and Universidad del Bío Bío, seeks to promote and disseminate, nationally and internationally, scientific work on different areas of physics. It seeks to become the instance, for Physical graduates and students, to present their scientific papers orally or as a poster.

In this regard Dr. Adán Cabello, researcher from Universidad de Sevilla and collaborator for CEFOP, who introduced the paper “A simple explanation of the limits of quantum correlations”, stressing importance of such meetings between scientists. “My impression is very positive. In Spain we have a similar format and is very good because physics is highly compartmentalized, then people works with people who know your area, but do not know the physics being done in their country. I suspect this happens in all countries. In that direction, these initiatives are very good and we must encourage them because it forces physicists to know how other physicists work in completely different problems. That enriches science and I am delighted to have been invited to participate”, he said.

On that occasion, Spanish researcher highlighted the level of progress in his area of expertise that our country has reached. “I think quantum optics development in Chile is very positive. Here we have an experiment that when I proposed, was thought to be impossible. It was, because the technology was not had yet. Here at the Universidad de Concepción, a group did have the technology but nobody knew. That was a wonderful finding and so we started collaborating and we have experiments which are only in the world because of that. It is important to know what is done in Physics, because in Chile many good things are been done, and now it is important to bring researchers together, and also contacting with foreign researchers to really exploit those technologies, because this is the hardest part. Now the important thing is to make the best possible. So, it requires to bring experts here, especially bring to the other experts, what is being done in Chile “.

Dres.-Fabian-Torres-y-Asticio-Vargas-500x375For his part, Dr. Asticio Vargas, responsible researcher  for CEFOP in Temuco and member of the organizing committee of the symposium, presented the topic “Spectral Modulation liquid crystal retarder in the presence of Fabry-Perot interference”, and noted the increasement of interest from scientists to participate in this event. “In the last three symposia there has been a turning curve. More and more people is interested in attending, especially students. Usually they are the soul of the symposia. I think in recent events the number of people has been greater and that is fine, because answer that there has been an opening of Physics and related careers in recent years, in addition to postgraduate students. It is in this type of conference that the possibility of linking from an early age, students, is given, and that they are forming networks among themselves, and finally materialize in more jobs and professional relationships that are invaluable”, Dr. Vargas said.

Dr. Cristian Mejia made a positive balance, too. He is a member of the Division of Nonlinear Optics of CEFOP currently in Santiago, and presented “Interplay of disorder and PT -symmetry”. “In general, the group talks and posters were well received, since they are simple and quite specific models, as there are many physical systems of different nature that are left to explain by the phenomenon itself. For this reason many people is interested and ask if you can do this to check another theory, another field. It is important to generate little links that can lead to a more important work, with more sectors of the field of Physics, because this motivates so much to students”, Dr. Mejía emphasized .

Other members of our Center, such as Dr. Fabian Torres, Dr. Mario Molina and Dr. Rodrigo Vicencio, also presented their achievements in their fields of research through oral presentations. Meanwhile in poster sessions, CEFOP was represented by Ariana Muñoz, Camilo Cantillano, Benjamín Sepúlveda, Dany Lopez, Evelyn Acuña, Ivania Maturana, Johanna Figueroa, Jorge Fuenzalida, Santiago Gomez, Daniel Faúndez, Luis Morales, Dra. María José Gallardo, Mauricio Arias, Pablo Gonzalez, Santiago Rojas and Sebastian Lavín. In addition, our researchers Prof. Luis Braga, Dr. Gustavo Lima and Dr. José Aguirre, participated in organizing the meeting.

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